Reflection & Shadow

 Zwaan-voorbeeldIn this photoshop tutorial we show you how to make an image which is standing upright on a reflective floor lighted from the left front side which throws a shadow to the right. Lets start...

Start with a blank sheet of paper.

Go to Gradient fill:


Double click on the left color tab (see picture) and set RGB to R=255 G=255 B=255.

Double click on the right color tab (see picture) and set RGB to R=215 G=215 B=215.

Use radial fill from the topbar (the filler that makes circles) start a bit below the middle of your page hold your mousebutton and drag it to one of the sides of the page- release the mousebutton and your background is filled with a radial fill from white to light gray. This gives a simple spotlight simulation.

Drag your picture (in my case a swan) into the document, copy the layer and call it reflection. Drag this layer between the background and the swan picture. Mirror this layer vertically and drag it to the bottom of the picture (hold down your shift key while dragging down).

Set transparancy (in this case 30%)


Use the eraser and set the diameter about half the size of the height of the picture and set hardness to zero %. Put the eraser-circle at the bottom, hold shift and drag from the left to the rigt and back. It should look like this:


Let's ad some depth now.

Copy the "swan" layer and drag it below the swan and call it shadow. Double click in the shadow layer to open the layerstyle - use colorfill black.


In The topmenubar go to: edit-transform-skew. Go to the top middle of the box and pull it to the right. Now go to: edit- transform-scale and drag it down for 2/3 of the swan picture. Got to filter-blur-gaussian blur set it on 4.0. Set the transparancy of the shadowlayer to 20%. Cmnd-click on all the layers except for the background layer. Go to edit-transform-perspective and drag this as in the endsample below. Correct the picture horizontally (edit-transform-scale and make width smaller) and your picture is ready.


Have fun with it and experiment with your own setting to get the best results.

Tip: always keep the reflection straight down!

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